On the Go, OK

Old Motel
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Posting in here seems to be almost pointless right now as everything is in pieces, and it seems as though there are no whole’s in my life. I’ll give a quick read out of what I mean:

  • I have more things to do for work than I care to think about, so much so I forget about them and that seems kinda pointless for example I have accounting to do, marketing to do, and today I have more scheduling for the low season to do.
  • I am in the midst of buying a house. I think I have done everything I can do now. But I don’t own a home yet I need the bank to get their arses in gear and do the finishing off parts with their lawyers !!
  • I have countless projects of my own almost always on the go. I have limited them down to one for the time being as I think that will be the quickest and easiest to get done. But at the same time as this I have started another project a friend came up with, which is very exciting and could be very very special if we can do it. It’s just a shame all these projects are web projects. It makes me feel a bit too geeky. On top of which I am having to learn PHP and MySQL. It is coming along ok though.
  • Oh and due to living out of a hotel for the last 2 weeks my diet (as in what I eat) and drinking habits have all gone awry. It’s just not nice living out of the cheapest hotels there are just because you are waiting on a bank. Which reminds me .. I may be living in my 2 bedroom on my own when i move in, unless anyone wants to live in Ocean Club Ocean front with me !!

Ok so that little lot may seem really petty but it’s amazing how a few little things can just upset life and make it seem arduous to keep up with everything just because your life is thrown into disorganisation from having to live in a hotel. I don’t have all my stuff, I don’t have a comfortable space to live in. I pity the people I know who live ot of hotels most of the year.
UPDATE: This hoteling it for now what looks like 3 weeks is not only inconveniant and a complete life dis-organiser but it is also going to cost me more money than I would like. I may have to say goodbye to a vacation this year, we’ll see.