Blue Iguana Investigation, no ones laughing at this joke !

Blue Iguana Murder Investigation ContinuesNow I will start this by admitting I don’t know everything that is going on, and I am sure this does not apply to everyone involved. I am merely commenting on the outward appearance of the situation. Which I am guessing is the general gist of the overall situation.

It has now been almost 2 weeks since volunteers found Iguanas dead in the park. The Iguanas found were obviously not just attacked by a dog, for the most part the bodies were outwardly in good shape, we have all seen the photos. Dogs would and have in the past literally shredded Iguana Bodies to pieces. I am sure if you live in Cayman you have seen what a dog does to a coconut.

So where does this leave us, well let me pull out a few key paragraphs from the Police report over on Here they mention that 5 of the deaths are consistent with Dog bites. 7 Iguanas are dead. So that at least leaves us with 2 that are not. And from what I have heard all of them had massive internal injuries that showed some sort of brute force squashing action. A dog could not do that without major puncture wounds. Where as the sole of a shoe stomping definitely could. Also please remember that dogs don’t open gates !

Well is this a sign that the police are getting ready to give up? To me it would seem that way. In classic Cayman Islands style the police have started by giving themselves an out for when they find themselves with no results. Now they can just say they determined it to be dog attacks. Which everyone will know is a fallacy and everyone will know how crap the police are. Hell maybe something untoward or corrupt happened during the investigation. After all Cops are resigning and being arrested all over the place down here, with more being investigated. Can you say Corrupt !

As an example of how little effort they are putting in after designing an awesome poster down at CrimeStoppers you may ask yourself how come no one has come forward with information ? Well it could be possibly that the police did not print any of the posters off and hand them out or even have them available for pick up. The police emailed a few people the pdf and said if they liked they could print it out. PLEASE !

This then brings us to the National Trust, who lets face it normally has very little public interest in anything that really matters. However they seem to have an interest in this ! Is it possible because they are money grabbing idiots who have nothing better to do ? Or are they really looking out for the Blue Iggys ? Well lets see, there are reports of the rewadr being $11,000 which is probably a little under especially after DMS Brodcasting kicked it off with $5,000. That money was pledged to The Blue Iguanas as a reward. The National Trust seems to be running it’s own reward which currently according to them sits at $7,000. Which is wildly under what everyone else says. Why is this ? this is because the National Trust is only counting money that they have personally been given as a reward. Now ok the Blue Iguana Programme may be under the umbrella of the National Trust, but the National Trust obviously only has themselves at interest. It will be very interesting to see what happens to that money people gave to the National Trust for the Blue Iguanas in general, and the reward money if no one come forward to give information. We can already see the National Trust is Money Grabbing .. but are they gonna thieve it too ?

With all this being made quite obvious and public in the papers about how things are going, it is obvious that the Blue Iguanas need your public help directly. So bypass the National Trust and push a policeman in the right direction.