A slice of time anyone ?

This Time-Slice stuff is just too cool, I could watch it all day long. Put my fave motorsport up as an example, but there are plent of others to check out like this making of a Rip-Curl advert video.

BBC Sport – Formula 1 Pit Stop Special – “Overall” from Time-Slice® Films on Vimeo.

BBC Sport commissioned us to film the Formula 1 pit stop process as illustrated by the Force India F1 Team. The structure of the story to be told was conceived by Martin Brundle, who also provided the narration for each episode. In addition to being charged with the various camera techniques – TimeSlice®, Hi-speed, Liveaction – we were responsible for designing & compositing all the graphical information to accompany them. This control from shoot to post & delivery allowed us to turn out eye catching sequences to a consistently high standard within a very tight schedule. BBC Sport received our work as a kit of parts with which they inter cut archive footage, explaining the various roles within a pit crew & what happens when things go wrong!