Importance of Advertising

Most interesting man you want to be!
Most interesting man you want to be!
When I was a late teen and full time student (including later years at University) I was fascinated by marketing. I kept up to date with it as best I could and followed any large campaign that impressed. I was mesmerized by the legal con of a commercial, someone telling you something that made you want to give up hard earned money to have. A service, a product a person; in the marketing world everything is for sale.

So this evening after a remarkably average dinner I came home to read, picked up my Samsung Galaxy Tab (I wanted it regardless of the cool commercials) and began to read the BBC news. They had this awesome article on ‘Six ads that changed the way you think‘. You can’t argue with their selection, DeBeers convinced all men and women that diamonds should be an engagement ring, Volkswagen made not only small crap cars popular, but also German ones! They also mention icons like the Marlborough Man and Brooke Shields Calvin Klein advert. Everyone still loves a Calvin Klein commercial, they basically wrote the book on sex selling, and it does! Hell Brooke Shields is still famous because of it, I am pretty sure the only other thing she has done that was any good was marry Andre Agassi (but of course that didn’t last).

Absolute Vodka’s story of course is a great one of creating a market where none existed before, Absolute may be the cheapest one now, but they are the original premium vodka. Haagen Daaz falls into that same category, I am pretty sure they invented luxury ice cream, that didn’t come on in a cone anyway. Infact Haagen Daaz didn’t just invent luxury ice cream but they also created the name, it means absolutely nothing, but sounds really cool!

There are a few campaigns that in my mind should be on lists like these, but as far as monumentally changing things these are the greats, Coca Cola makes lists like this several times over normally, Budweiser does as well. Although they never get in on their most impressive marketing result. The Bud logo used to be in a normal font, someone said lets italicise it (ok a bit more research went into it) and BAM they increased sales by over 80% from making their logo italics .. CRAZY!

Some of my favourites over the years are Hyundai’s ‘Prepare to Want one’ campaign and Carlsberg’s ‘probably the best lager in the world’. In both cases they are telling you to buy it .. but making it sound like it’s your chouce with the word probably and prepare .. GENIUS i love it!

So anyway that brings me to of course the two greatest visual and video campaigns of recent time that if you don’t love you must at least agree are just brilliant advertising. The World’s Most Interesting Man & The Old Spice Man. Click read more for my favourites from the campaigns so far, which whilst may not be game changers are certainly great adverts.