Superbowl commercials 2011

Most every year the most anticipated part of the Superbowl is the half time entertainment and the commercials. For some reason American marketing firms decide to put little effort into their commercials until this one massive sporting event comes around. I wouldn’t begin to wonder why that is but typically trans Atlantic commercials are never up to the same level as European ones, it’s not as if they aren’t capable of good adverts, but typically all US advertising revolves around famous personalities from either sports, TV or movies.

So my favourite commercial was the Audi A8 which managed to pull off a byline that not only tells you what they are about, but also that what the competition thinks they are about, has changed. “Luxury has progressed”

The next question is why do companies choose to pay over the odds for these spots on tv. I have a feeling Superbowl advertising is not so much about ROI but about showing off, hence the effort being put in and the money spent. That in itself would explain why companies who stand to benefit very little choose to place something during the breaks for 30 seconds of greatness. They tease us pre game with internet snippets using social media and then immediately after airing release the whole advert on youtube to hope for some viral action depending on how popular or criticised they were. Either options seem to work.

What’s your take on the Superbowl commercials?

Edit: I may have underestimated the ROI if you take into account social media’s effect on top of the 30 second TV spot @garyvee points out here.