Cure for Demodetic Mange (demodex)

Firstly I am not a vet and do not know much more about pet healthcare than what I have learnt from the years I have had pets for. So while I cannot give guarentees or scientific answers I can say what has worked for our pets.

promeris demodex mange cure

The reason I am writing this is when I search online for a cure for dog demodex I don’t find the one thing that I know worked for our Dog Mollie. She suffered from Demodex mange for almost 8 years without any successful cure. She has quite thick fur so regular (every couple of days) bathing her in a pyoben dip or the gentler shampoo version was just too much work to keep up. So it was a case of get better get worse. Mollie was so bad at one point that she had no fur at all and chewed her own skin and scratched it until she was bleeding quite badly. We would often come home to blood splattered walls. We got her all healed up and sometime in 2007 or 2008 our Vet had a sample of Promeris.

We tried it, Mollie was showing signs of recover within a few days. No chewing or scratching, no obvious itching and no more blood splatterings. Within a short 2 weeks we had some fur starting to grow back and as time went on and we kept on applications (we now use it only once every 2 or 3 months) and there has been no reoccurence.

The great news is we don’t need to test to see if its gone for good or could come back as Promeris is made for monthly flea and tick use. So it can be applied more regularly than we use it.

A side note to be said is that there is a right time to apply this stuff as it is quite harsh. Your vet will advise you of this I am sure, but basically you don’t want any open sores on the dog. Good healed skin is the best. Even with our now healthy dog she winces when we put it on, it smells of strong eucalyptus which is almost like a chemical burn smell. I guess it hurts a little when applied. But the temporary pain is way better than having raw skin with open wounds that spray blood everywhere.

Due to the smell and the very temporary discomfort when applied we put it on and take her for a walk immediately. This distracts the puppy from the pain and also stops your house from getting stunk up. While the product says you can get the dog wet we try to prevent this for a few days so no swimming a couple days and no shampooing for a bit longer.

So all in all if you dog has demodex mange and suffers from a loss of fur and very red sore skin or even scabbing when it is real bad then ask you Vet about this product .. it worked for us and is now as of 2009 apparently legally allowed to claim itself as a Demodetic mange cure on it’s label. So it’s as good as fact.