TS Emily worryingly not worrying.


Unlike most people here in the Cayman Islands I am paying particularly close attention to TS Emily. It is coming no where near us and will probably hardly affect us at all. I doubt Cayman will get any etra rain from it even.
I am watching it though as it is the first time in the last 6 years that a storm has threatened to go right up the middle of the Bahamas. They normally go around the outside. This I know as I can normally stay quite calm during hurricane season as Nassau is in the middle of the Bahamas ansld is therefore protected for the most part from the brunt of any storms.
My guess is when storms do go up the middle the loose strength as the water is so shallow for the most part. Who knows, will have to wait and watch.

I am ahead of the game though. Made sure the boats had all their preparations ready and a space in hurricane hole. We should be good to go and it looks like maybe just one day off. If that. Only one cruise ship has cancelled or changes itineries so far.