I live next door to a wife beater

No really I do, it’s not a joke, it’s not even close to funny. Here’s an abbreviated version of the story so far.

So a little over a year ago some not so great neighbours moved out and some new ones moved in. Seemed to be a nice family local girl, American man and their child. Within a few weeks I am hearing rumours of how he had just gotten out of prison. I saw him dealing drugs during the evening to the early hours from his front door (the customers were not subtle driving up honking and shouting to get him out of bed). He was arrested for driving without a license. He left his wife. She brought him back (I think from the USA). He beat her and left again (this time Sam had to take her kid to school for her). She left him. House went up for sale. She comes back.

Then tonight I hear these screams, just blood curdling screams. I go outside to see what it is. It’s their kid. it’s now 10pm. He is HOWLING ‘mummy’ out over and over again. My mind goes to the worst thing. The man has just beat the crap out of her. I ask him if he is ok, he doesn’t calm down and walks away screaming. So I go back inside and watch from there make sure he’s ok.

His parents eventually come from somewhere, he starts to get quiet, I couldn’t see anything much as it was so dark. But going to be interesting to see what comes from this. I am still just hoping that they are still selling and moving out, I couldn’t care less about their situation. He has left her, She has left him they abuse each other and there is a poor kid stuck in the middle of it. The fucked up thing is the kid is the one truly suffering and in some weird part of their minds they are probably using him as the excuse/reason to stay together. It’s so not worth it.

But what can ya do about it hey?