No matter the price


There are some things you have to do in life no matter what it costs. Those costs can be financial, emotional, time, physical or hell just about anything you hold a value to.

I was planning on doing an F1 event this coming year of 2012. I was planning on that event being Austin in November. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen. My alternate choice would be Montreal. It is still a possibility.

I am rethinking this though. I can see an F1 anytime, you don’t go for the racing cause you don’t have a clue what’s going on when at the circuit. Races are best viewed in TV.

There is one other event that has happened which is by far and away more monumental than a motor race. The Stone Roses have got back together as a band and touring. Possibly one of the reasons why people my age in the UK enjoyed music back in the 90’s. These guys were a students dream band. They are still one of my preferred bands and oh my god is their music good and standing the test of time.

Here’s the deal. I went to Glastonbury 95 mostly to see them headline. The festival started on Friday, The Stone Roses split as a band on Thursday or at least it was anounced then. So now I don’t just want to see them play I want to see them headline. I want the whole experience. So far they have announced T in the Park in Scotland, Fiji and Spain as headlining events. I am amazed 3 headlining gigs from a band who hasn’t played together in 17 years.

Right now none of these gigs interest me that much. T in the Park is probably top of the list. I will wait to see more headlining gigs get added and then decide. I will however be going to see the Stone Roses play live at long last in 2012. Manchesta forget about Oasis the real talent is back in business!