Whole Life Challenge

Or as I am calling it, the Birdwell Beach Britches challenge. I am hoping after 8 weeks of working on my diet and working out etc that I will be back into shorts I haven’t worn in a decade.

Whole Life Challenge
Whole Life Challenge 2013

The whole point of the WLC is to create good habits. I have chosen the advanced level which has the most restrictions on what you can put into your system. So far it has mostly for me just been fresh fruit, veg and fish. Experimentation will come with but Cayman isn;t the best place to shop for restrictive food products so it means reading every label. I know by the end of the 8 weeks I will naturally know which products are good and bad, but for now it’s a bit boring.

The other key thing is working out and stretching daily. 10 minutes of stretching is actually tougher than it seems, the working out isn’t so bad, a small jog or swim or at home situps pressups squats etc covers it. 3 days a week at Crossfit 7 Mile and fill in th blank days with my own thing (treat as restfully as possible but get it done.

I think the hardest part for me is not going to be drinking alcohol. I do love a beer or 5. I know there is a lot of sugar in alcohol which is the big thing to get cut out on this way of living but as for the actual alcohol itself it’s no more bad for you than coffee. I’m just jealous I am not a big coffee drinker instead of beer drinker.

So my goals are simple. to get in shape, probably the best shape I have ever been in, definitely in the last decade. I have never worked out like i am now, but I have weighed less, even though I ate and drank like crap. It is entirely possible at the end of this 8 weeks I will be down to 10 years ago weight but no idea of the size as i said I have never been a worker outer. If the Birdwells fit then goal 1 is achieved. Goal 2 is to be in a place fitness and health wise where I can be normal again. Keep my working out going but have regular booze induced play time. Play and Work hard. Goal 3 is to complete the challenge with as many points as possible. The only way I can loose points is through laziness and desire for beer over the next 53 days. Lets see what I can pull off.