A Faster Cayman – 4G LTE

I can’t remember when the last time I wrote a techy post, which is surprising with how much of my life revolves around Technology. This one is all about a new device I have been using for a few months now.


Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of getting to use the all new Quantum High Speed Fibre internet connection LIME has been installing. My dad had it installed at his house. Now even though the original install was not easy or even working at first LIME did correct the issue pretty fast. I a not sure what speed my dad went for but the quality and speed is crazy good. No issues with any lag or disconnects and constantly gives a super fast download and amazing upload speeds. I will probably write more about that when it makes it to where I live and I get it installed.

Around the same sort of time my dad got his Fibre installed LIME introduced their 4G LTE. I am super lucky to have been able to test their Mifi device for the last few months. It is super impressive. It is fast, reliable and I have not been able to make it not work. Don’t get me wrong it is not without it’s issues but that is more to do with the device than the coverage and connection. This device is basically a cell phone hot spot for data. It has a SIM card and connects via the cell phone 4G LTE network LIME set up in Cayman. It then broadcasts that like a modem/router via a wireless (or USB) connection to near by devices. Just like a home router you can configure it to be secure so no one else can access it and set up all other normal features.

The 4G LTE device LIME offers
The 4G LTE device LIME offers

The Mifi is the little white device on the left. Its the size of  credit card and about as thick as a deck of cards; it does have it’s issues. Firstly it’s battery life if you are really using it is awful. You can drain it with a good laptop session very quickly (but can also keep it charged by connecting it via USB to your laptop). Secondly it drops it’s internet connection every so often. Now this isn’t a problem with a laptop as when you start to use the internet it boots itself back up again. This is a feature to try and save battery power. The trouble is mobile phones don’t like to connect to wifi signals with no internet so they just drop it rather than trying to ask for data and hence turn it back on. You have to manually reboot it in this case so not too much of a big deal but frustrating. The last minor issue I have with it is simply, it’s another device, one that my phone already is if I want it to be (it’s not hard to create a mobile hotspot with a modern smart phone). That last one is being a little whiney but I hate having two devices when one will do. However just like people who travel with ipods even though they have an iphone it makes sense. If you use your phone as your music player the battery will die so you can’t make calls. Same here if you use your phone as a hotspot bye bye battery. So its probably better to have a separate device in reality.

Here is where it excels though. I haven’t found anywhere it won’t work. My phone struggles inside buildings and out at sea; I have even found some parts of the island very unreliable. The 4G LTE signal seems to be strong and on a wave length that gets inside buildings (Hey I sometimes like to google about products before I buy them, or pull up a shopping list on Evernote on my phone, or send photos to my Wife to see if she likes what I am about to buy.) So yeh I use it inside buildings a fair bit; and where my phone connection will fail this Mifi 4G LTE device will work fine. It also has no problems with moving. So in a car or on a boat it can keep pulling in the data and supplying your devices so you can entertain yourself whilst being a passenger. Sure in some parts of the island most phones can get a good enough signal thats not an issue but I have had this thing flying along on a boat with me in the North Sound and the signal kept me online and streaming radio.

The best part about this device though is that you can take it anywhere and enjoy the cloud. I work with a lot of my documents and info stored with Dropbox. This gives my consistent access to those files anywhere I like. I have even had the laptop out on the beach under a tree for a little bit of work. Super relaxing!

I have put this device through some serious paces over the last few months and I have not been able to make it fail. Sure I have a few nit picky things I don’t like about the hardware itself but LIMEs 4G LTE network seems to be bullet proof and I have found having it around not only extremely useful but also a lot of fun, no more getting frustrated at not having a strong signal on my phone, constantly connected.

Disclosure: I was given the device by LIME to test and try out, push it and put it through it’s paces. I did not pay for the service but I also was not paid to write this.