Aerial Photography with a drone

End of last year I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. I have been slowly getting used to it and it’s abilities as well as also learning a new aspect of photography. It’s not entirely new it is almost the mirror image of underwater photography.

Underwater you want to generally get as close as possible to your subject and have the shot aiming upwards. Of course there are many variations and alternatives and lots of rules to be broken in that but starting out that would be a good way of doing UW photography. Aerial is almost always shooting downwards and typically you are as far away from the subject as you dare. I say as you dare because as your flying skills improve the distance you can be away from the subject is often too much, so in flying terms you end up in some sort of middle medium distance from the subject depending on the shot again.

Whilst it’s fairly easy to just snap a shot I have been working hard to try and get effective panoramas. Specifically of large areas. This tends to bring about a not so realistic effect that almost looks like a center bulge. The simple way to prevent it is to keep the panorama smaller, but I am starting to think of methods to make these large scale panoramas work. Testing out ideas and then going back and trying it all again when it doesn’t quite work.

For now though here are some of my attempts.
Holy Loch Scotland Panorama

EXIF 1/60, f/2.8, 3.6 mm, ISO 181, 2015:12:25 14:05:40, FC300X,Holy Loch, Scotland Night Panorama

EXIF 1/316, f/2.8, 3.6 mm, ISO 100, 2015:12:27 09:19:45, FC300X,Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman

EXIF , , , ISO , , ,Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman

EXIF 1/686, f/2.8, 3.6 mm, ISO 100, 2016:01:07 12:26:36, FC300X,