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Aerial Photography with a drone

End of last year I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. I have been slowly getting used to it and it’s abilities as well as also learning a new aspect of photography. It’s not entirely new it is almost the mirror image of underwater photography.

LIME Cayman 4G LTE Coverage

A Faster Cayman – 4G LTE

My experience with the LIME 4G LTE Mifi device over the last few months has been an overall joy and success. Read about what i love, like and don’t like about this piece of modern awesomeness.

Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge trying to create good habits in eating and drinking and overall lifestyle along with exercise and mobility. Yeh good luck for me …

Seaswim Training

Seaswim Training

I have registered for the Sea Swim and am hoping to push hard through to the event with training. I have not …

This wingsuit stuff is crazy cool .. but …

This is pretty impressive, but i can’t help feeling that these wingsuit stunts are going to lead to one HUGE splat pretty …

Best Boobs Kate Upton

Kate Upton wins Best Cleavage in Online Poll | Swim Daily

I am a huge fan of boobs, everyone should be they make the world a better place. But seriously Kate Upton? Her …

Crazy Sandbank formations

Flying from Nassau to Miami is quite a special journey. It’s a fairly low level flight, no higher than 10,000ft on most …

Souther Comfort

This advert is still awesome.

A few weeks after I first saw it i still enjoy this commercial. The music, the speed, the feel and everything just …

I wonder who New York is copying.

You don’t often think of London as being a leading city, at least I don’t. The Olympics and other recent changes in …

Nice advert from Royal Caribbean

It made me want to go wherever it was advertising. The sea is calling… Nice byline.