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Aerial Photography with a drone

End of last year I purchased a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. I have been slowly getting used to it and it’s abilities as well as also learning a new aspect of photography. It’s not entirely new it is almost the mirror image of underwater photography.

LIME Cayman 4G LTE Coverage

A Faster Cayman – 4G LTE

My experience with the LIME 4G LTE Mifi device over the last few months has been an overall joy and success. Read about what i love, like and don’t like about this piece of modern awesomeness.

Seaswim Training

Seaswim Training

I have registered for the Sea Swim and am hoping to push hard through to the event with training. I have not …

Cool in Cayman

I love it when the weather is like this!

Tourism and Marketing

Since my late teens I have known what industries I enjoy and so have always known where I’d want to work, at …

I live next door to a wife beater

No really I do, it’s not a joke, it’s not even close to funny. Here’s an abbreviated version of the story so …

The weather can stay like this.

Cheap electricity bills here we come. And airijg the house is sooo nice.

It’s rush hour in the Atlantic

You don’t see this everyday. My Guess is that one of those two in the right will be big. The second from …

Best Jerk in Cayman

Best Jerk in Cayman – Red Bay

My opinion this is the best Jerk in the Cayman Islands right now. Get there early if you want pork, the chicken …

promeris demodex mange cure

Cure for Demodetic Mange (demodex)

Demodex mange can be a painful and unpleasant problem for dogs and dog owners. It doesn’t have to be there are products that work and are easy to use.