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Fallon & Timberlake Hip Hop History

Reblogged (and fta video attached via because it simply is too awesome!

A slice of time anyone ?

This Time-Slice stuff is just too cool, I could watch it all day long. Put my fave motorsport up as an example, …

I’ll go wherever they’re going!

I am going to check their destination map, need to see if they fly anywhere I want to go!

Ok Go, how have they never won a VMA ?

Thanks to Eric Cheng for pointing out the newer video White Knuckles from OK Go. It seems yet again they have blown …

New video from Shark Angels about shark

New video from Shark Angels about sharks | Eric Cheng’s Journal. Shark Angels – on Shark Finning from Shark Angels on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Video – South Celestial Pole

South Celestial Pole from Martin Whipp on Vimeo.

Brothers should pull up their pants ..

And so does everyone else who wears their pants around their thighs. Lil Wayne looked like he was going to the toilet …

Justin Timberlake does Beyonce – SNL

Ok so after having just seen this SNL video I remembered hearing on Radio 1 about Justin Timberlake parodying Beyonces new Single …

Alcohol Induced – Kitchen Door Jumping

I am guessing this is going to be the greatest use of my Flip Mino. This however is the start of it …

Why not have great stories in your life !

I saw this video quite sometime ago. I follow Brian Shaler on Twitter, just cause he has some interesting things to say …