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How do these people survive ?

A set of stories that blow your mind away with pure stupidity, enjoy and do not try this at home! McDonalds Employee …

Wedding Planning site

If you are interested in following how the planning of Sam and My weadading is going, or maybe you are one of …

I broke a rib and pissed myself all at the same time!

Dont C-Walk Onto a Treadmill Video. Don’t C-Walk Onto a Treadmill – Watch more Funny Videos

Reason #32 to be scared of water !

    There is something just ball sack shrivelingly wrong with this sight ! IMG_2612 on Flickr – Photo Sharing.

New video from Shark Angels about shark

New video from Shark Angels about sharks | Eric Cheng’s Journal. Shark Angels – on Shark Finning from Shark Angels on Vimeo.

Recently Addicted to LOL Cats

  algeblah « Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?. Also go vote for Siddy !  

Rolling Stones give us the birdy = awesome !

    Awesome set of photo of both bands, I don’t care too much for the Beatles, and that may be jading …